Chapter 7. The system of credit money

The seventh chapter of the book entitled „Foundations of Personalist Economics” is devoted to a thorough analysis of the functioning of the model of economy in the hypothetical system of credit money. After presenting the principles of the credit money system and briefly explaining the reasons for the emergence of such a concept, the following subchapters analyze various aspects of the mechanism of operation of the model economy based on the concept of credit money. The content of this chapter is best described by the titles of the following subchapters:
The essence, features and mechanism of the credit money system;
Market roles of people;
Conditions of establishment and mechanism of operation of the enterprise;
Capital of the enterprise and its profit;
The role of finished goods in the enterprise;
Employees as market participants;
Role of employees in the enterprise;
Essence and source of profit;
Income and profit;
Money and income;
Income, demand and supply

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