Chapter 8. A model of the „stateless state”

The next, eighth chapter of the book, entitled The Foundations of Personalist Economics, is devoted to the analysis of the functioning of the economy in the model of „the stateless state”. It is a model in which the basic assumption underlying the version considered in Chapter 7 is abolished. This is the assumption of the absolute honesty of the people who make up the model society, thanks to which it was possible, on the one hand, to omit from the considerations all those matters that arise from the natural frailties of people, and on the other hand – to remove of the field of vision the state as the entity that decides in each country about the manner and power of influence on all socio-economic processes. Such a method has made it possible to discover and describe certain objective laws and regularities governing these processes, which are more difficult to perceive in the real world which has always been divided between different systems of state and law. By repealing in this eighth chapter the assumption of the absolute honesty of people, we come down to earth, but only a little. For the purpose here is to test and discuss whether and to what extent the laws and regularities of society and economy based on voluntary exchange discovered in Chapter 7 remain valid when the state’s only task is to protect the basic natural rights discovered in the previous version of the model. This Chapter 8 begins by outlining in the first section the basic principles of law facing just such a task, and describing the modification that the credit money system described in Chapter 7 requires under such conditions. Sections 2 and 3 describe the consequences in socio-economic relations of the existence and operation of a hypothetical legal system, called the 'stateless state’ model. The discussion of this chapter ends in section 4, which presents all the conclusions that can be drawn after reading the contents of all the previous chapters. These conclusions are the basis for moving on to the third part of this work, in which typical solutions and concepts used in the practice of economic life of most modern countries of the world are analyzed and evaluated.

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