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This blog is dedicated to personalist economics – an approach which stands in opposition to the mainstream economics.  This is  the result of my many years of studies and reflections on the mechanism of economic processes and especially on roles that people can play in the economy and on the resulting economic and social consequences of the roles. The main object of my interest is a human being, the only real person in the material living world, and from his or her perspective I consider the ends, ways and effects of behavior that make up what is defined as economic activity. This is why I have called my approach personalist economics. It goes completely against the mainstream economics, which – in my opinion – has taken a dead end and further attempts to go in the current direction can at most lead to a complete blockade of the whole column.

I will demonstrate the validity of such opinion successively by publishing here subsequent texts which constitute the foundation of personalist economics. I therefore invite you to follow me in the right direction. In a direction that allows you to reject the false image of socio-economic relations suggested by the mainstream economics and to discover their true nature. Truth is not generally liked. This does not mean, however, that it should not be discovered and proclaimed.

The texts that will be published here are a free translation of the subsequent chapters of my book published in Polish, whose title in English is „Foundations of personalist economics” (Podstawy ekonomii personalistycznej, Copyright by Ryszard Szewczyk, Bochnia 2020, ISBN 978-83-944490-2-5). Therefore I would like to apologize in advance for all mistakes and linguistic awkwardness. I make the texts available free of charge for equitable use, under the obvious condition of providing the source.

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