Part 3: Evaluating some real world systemic solutions from the personalist perspective. Chapter 9 Capital companies as legal persons

This, the third part of the book published here in parts, entitled “Foundations of Personalist Economics”, contains an evaluation of the most important systemic solutions we are dealing with in the socio-economic reality of the modern world. In accordance with the adopted method, we will evaluate the consequences that occur in our model of society as a result of the repeal of successive assumptions underlying it. We begin by analyzing the results of abrogating the basic assumption of this model, which in the previous two parts was the recognition of a human being – a human person – as the only subject of rights and duties. Thus, so-called legal persons, that is, fictitious collective subjects of law to which state law grants most of the rights due to the human person, appear in our model. In this, the ninth chapter of this work, we analyze the social and economic consequences of the existence of corporations operating in the business sector. We continue to uphold the remaining assumptions of the model.

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